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Arduino Pulse generator

This device can generate TTL pulses from Serial commands.

Command reference

All commands are followed by a new line character (\n) and are case insensitive.

Example answer: Arduino Pulse Generator V0.1
PULSEEmits a pulse
Example answer: None
LEN [duration]Sets the pulse length
  • [duration] (integer): Pulse duration in ms
Default: 100 ms
Example answer: None
LEN?Gets the pulse duration
Example answer: Pulse duration in ms (integer)
Pol [polarity]Sets the pulse polarity
  • [polarity] (bool: 0 or 1): Polarity (0=Negative, 1=Positive)
Default: Rising (1)
Example answer: None
Pol?Gets the pulse polarity
Example answer: Pulse polarity Positive or Negative